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I woke up this morning feeling extra excited! Not only am I working from home, but I started A BLOG! When I told my fiancĂ© about it, he was all, "Don't you already have a diary?" 


This isn't a diary. (Tim if you're reading this, let me explain ).

This is more of a self-discovery/development project. My goals here are as following

1. Enchance my writing skills and feel confident enough to share them with the entire world.

2. Share life hacks with the ladies out there, men welcome as well (no discrimination here)

3. Explore my tech savvy abilities by embedding videos, creating screencasts, and most IMPORTANTLY becoming a self -proclaimed model of my "Rent the Runway" unlimited closet.


To wrap up this post, I wanted to share with you a quote from one of my girlfriends. I told her about my 30s blogging venture and she replied with some words of wisdom.

" I had similar feelings going into my 30s that almost made me not enjoy my last year in my 20s. 30s are awesome, I give less fucks. I feel better about myself and that realization comes that happiness comes from within - allowing yourself to be happy, and not letting circumstances fuck with you. I mean I sort things into what I can change (what is up to me) and what I won't be able to influence." -JZ

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