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As I start to reflect on the approaching "dreadful" day of March 6th, my 30th birthday, I'm left wondering if I should be celebrating my various accomplishments, like becoming a dog mom to the most wonderful pupper in the world(see picture) or if I should be creating a list of all the things I DIDN'T accomplish before my thirties. I'm being hard on myself. It's really not THAT bad. It's not like I'm living on the street with no job, no friends, and no future. But is that the standard I'm comparing my life to? Maybe I should be reaching higher? I guess my question is," Am I doing everything I can, professionally and personally, to be an my dog? Would Pebbles want to be me when she grows up?" These are the questions I'm asking myself as I approach my, as some people call it,"The Dirty Thirty". So please join me on my journey through my 30's. I will share fashion brought to you by my unlimited subscription to "Rent the Runway", my dogs adolescent development, and anything else worth sharing. Disclaimer: Take these posts with a grain of salt, they're meant to be light, reflective, and pleasant. 

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