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This weekend when I asked Tim if he read my last blog, he asked me if I wrote about Pebbles, our dog. I replied with no so he wasn't inclined to read it. I wasn't surprised with his lack of interest as fashion isn't really his forte. What interested me most was his high interest and unconditional love for Pebbles. I love her too and can't imagine my life without her, but sometimes Tim gives her waaaaaaaay more attention that he does me.

Have you ever felt like your significant other loves your pet more than he loves you?  

Back Story

Two years into our relationship, we started to talk about getting a dog. Tim was set on getting a golden retriever so we started to research different breeds, where we can get them, adoption agencies with goldens etc. When things started to get real, I thought it would be wise to bring up the fact that I'm allergic to certain dogs and highly allergic to cats. My dog allergies have subsided and show up around certain dog breeds. I told Tim that it would be wise to foster a dog first and see how I react. It would also give us an opportunity to try out being dog parents. I heard about One Tail at a Time through my friends who frequently foster doggos and had a foster fail situation and adopted the cutest chihuahua names Belle. We signed up to be foster parents and found Pebbles through a newsletter that One Tail sends to all foster parents. We fell in love with her and her brother Bam Bam. We requested to foster her on September 22, 2016. Bam bam was already taken care of, but Pebbles was ready for us! She was the cutest pupper ever. When I picked her up, she started licking me as if she knew I will be her new mommy. Our lives changed for the better that day. Pebbles became part of our family and on 10/22/16 we adopted her. It was like raising a child, I assume. We had to potty train her, teach her how to walk up the stairs, and train her to listen to us. It was a bonding experience, and revealed what kind of parents we may be in the future. We started off by looking for trainings. If you have a new puppy and you live in Chicago, you might want to consider going to Anything is Pawzible.There was so much to learn.

Today, I can't imagine my life without Pebbles. Tim is absolutely obsessed with her, and I adore him for being such a good dog dad. Sometimes I hear him showering her with compliments," Oh yes you are, yes you are the most beautiful lady in the world." You're so smart. The smartest in the world." I just peek my head outside the bathroom to confirm that he isn't talking to me. He isn't.

I'm slowly acclimating to the idea that Tim and Pebbles have a special relationship and I can't compete with that. There are two ladies in his life now, and I accept that.

Dog-Parent Hacks


Pebs loves to go to the dog park. She doesn't interact that much with other dogs, but prefers to play fetch with the dirty tennis balls at the park. Unfortunately, the dog park we go to doesn't have much grass, but instead a lot of asphalt. We recently went to the park with her only to realize afterwards that she completely scratched off the first layer of her paw pads. She was bleeding, but didn't seem to mind. We put on some neosporin and called the doctor. Her paws ended up healing fairly quickly, but now we try to find a grassy patch so she can run around without severely damaging her paws.


This was a tough one. We wanted to make sure Pebs has the proper nutrients in her food. When she was younger, she hated kibble and only wanted human food. We started to buy this canned food from Krisers and mixed it with Royal Canin kibble, and she actually finished her meals. We also tried to do the raw diet, but unfortunately after a couple of bad tummy reactions we decided to take her off it. After the doctor told us she has been losing weight, we decided to have her try the Ziwi Peaks. air-dried dog food. She loved Ziwi Peaks, but it was a bit on the pricey side. We finally found something that works and it's affordable. Tylee's! All of  Tylee's "ingredients are human-grade and selected for their incredible health benefits, and frozen to maintain their full nutritional value so your dog can enjoy all of the health benefits and flavor they have to offer". When I pour her a meal, I can see little chunks of broccoli, carrots, melon etc. She's been eating it with delight and gained her weight back.

Dog shopping Hack : We purchase most of our food/toys on Chewy. It's like Amazon, but for dogs only. 


To ensure socialization, Pebbles goes to daycare twice a week. There, she can interact with dogs and adapt to their different personalities. I also take her to my crossfit classes as dogs are allowed and it  exposes her to other people and dogs. Those who met Pebbles before, know that she is a bit skittish. Last night, she got so scared of our Roomba, she jumped and slid on the ground and flipped on her back. We didn't know if we should laugh or snuggle her. Poor girl, gets frightened so easily. We're still working on building her confidence. If you have any suggestions, please share!

Overall, adopting a dog has been one of the best decisions we made so far. She adds so much happiness to our life that now when she is not home, I can't handle the silence. She's been a wonderful doggo so far, and I hope that one day, she will love me like a real mom.


  1. Great article Agnes! We take our shepherd mix to Anything is Pawzible for training and love it! Where are you doing daycare for Pebbles? We just started at one in Wicker Park about a month ago one time a week for socialization which is great!

    1. Thanks, Megan! We live in Wicker Park also so I'll send you a message about the name of the place. We love it. Very convenient right by the Blue line :)

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