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Life Hack #1: Blue Apron

When I was growing up, I never fully appreciated or understood how complicated planning meals for the week can be. When I was younger, we would always have home cooked meals. Most often, we would have a soup and a second meal #spoiled.  I cringe at the memories of me complaining about something that I don't want to eat. How rude of me?! My mom spent a good chunk of time and money PREPARING meals for us, and I had the audacity to complain. I'm very disappointed at my younger self. Fast forward to 2014. I'm living in the city with amazing roommates. I'm feeling great. Young, wild, and free. Eating what I want, going out with the girls, getting appetizers and drinks, and not really cooking myself "real, nutritious" meals. The definition of a "home-cooked" meal was a bag of boiled ravioli, some olive oil, pesto sauce, and some shredded cheese. That was my favorite meal. Easy, quick, and warm. A year into these deeeelicious meals, I meet my future-husband Tim, an Ironman finisher (multiple times), and marathon runner who is borderline obsessive on eating healthy, exercise, and participating in any type of physical activity. Almost the exact opposite of me. There goes my favorite meal... bye bye ravioli. Although I must say, before discovering something that changed our lives forever, spoiler alert, BLUE APRON, we were on the ravioli diet for a good couple months.

Enter: Blue Apron. 

It all started on a bright, August, sunny day. Specifically, August 12, 2016. The day we received our first blue apron package. I was a bit rattled as the menus appeared complicated. The name of the menus were:

1. Curried Catfish & Coconut Rice
2. Spicy Chicken & Korean Rice Cakes
3. BBQ Pork Burgers & Corn on the Cob

These meals were restaurant quality and I was uncertain of my cooking abilities. To my disbelief,  the menu was straightforward, included pictures, and was very user friendly. If I had further doubts, I logged into the website and checked out their "Hints & Tricks" section.  Our food planning changed drastically. We had 3 meals a week, and only had to buy breakfast, snacks, and maybe some lunch supplies. What I love most is that we can switch cooking duty. On the days that I work a little later, Tim takes over cooking duty. It's so pleasant to come home to a healthy, home cooked meal. The convenience of this service makes me hope that I can keep it when I have a larger family.

  • 2 person plan for 3 recipes per week is $59.94
  • Family plan 3 recipes per week is $104.88 or 4 recipes per week is $139.84
Wine Pairing

There is also a wine pairing option for $10/per bottle or 65.99/month. The catch is the wine bottles are 500ml instead of the standard 750ml. We did this for a couple months, but then realized that we need more wine than just two glasses so we stopped the delivery.

As you will find out in future posts, I'm scheduled to get married this August. Along with that comes "Bridezilla Symptoms" like, dieting, caloric intake obsession, and exercise mania. I'm not gonna lie, getting married is VERY motivating when it comes to changing your eating and exercise habits. I even resorted to decreasing my alcohol intake to twice a week. I mention this because Blue Apron will be absent from our lives in the next 6 weeks. I signed myself up for a Crossfit 6 week challenge with a goal of losing 5% body fat. One of my girlfriends, also getting hitched this summer, is crossfitting and she has already lost 2% body fat. I start Sunday. I'll let you know how it goes.

As I conclude this post, I hope I convinced you to try Blue Apron at least once. It just MAY change your life forever.


  1. OMG You have convinced me to sign up for Blue Apron! Good luck with the crossfit - you'll do great ya sexy thang!

    <3 Justyna

    1. Thanks cutie! Let me know if you need a referral code. I can email it. :)


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