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The Ultimate Fashion Hack

Do you love to feel like a rockstar? Do you spend hours picking out an outfit and think," I have NOTHING to wear." Are you guilty of buying clothes above your budget and not caring because you look and feel fabulous. You may be suffering from FOD (Fashion Obsessive Disorder). Not to worry, there are others like you. I self-diagnosed myself sometime after graduating from college. I became more self aware, curious, and passionate about fashion. I craved pushing the fashion boundaries, trying to represent myself as an individual and not a conformed female who meets all the current season's fashion standards. I must admit, I haven't been too adventurous lately, but don't fret, it's coming.
There were times when I felt like I was not able to meet my vision. The clothes that I saw in my mind's eye were either too expensive, nonexistent, or simply not practical. If I saw a piece of clothing I loved, the following thoughts would emerge: 

  • Will I ever wear this again?
  • Do I want to spend $200 on sequin shorts?
  • Is this just a seasonal craze?
  • Will color blocking be forever cool?
  • Will I grow bored of this hot pink turtleneck?
  • I need to purge my closet. 
  • Do I have shoes that would match this?
  • Ohh...look at those earrings, ....$150!!? 
  • Maybe it'll go on sale! 
This internal conflict would go on for days if not weeks. Sometimes I would get lucky and the item I have been eyeing finally goes on sale and I would purchase it. I still had feelings of guilt because do I really "need" those pants? 

"How do I actualize my fashion vision without the commitment, without spending my whole paycheck on an outfit I may wear once a year, and finally, get UNLIMITED options straight from the runway?"

Alexis Orchid Maris Dress $409 @ Revolve
RTR Unlimited $0

It was fate. When I first saw an ad for "Rent the Runway", I felt like it was calling my name. It was as if the clouds have cleared, and the sun was shining right down on me and my laptop, researching the policies, memberships, and process of the "Unlimited Rent the Runway" subscription. I "took the plunge" and signed up for the Unlimited closet of my dreams. It was a game changer. Now before I go on, let me preface this post by saying that, in my opinion, it is perfectly acceptable to rent clothes. There is nothing to be ashamed of and frankly, renting high quality clothing, for a set monthly price, is a smart financial move, in my opinion. ( Side note: If you ever watched "The Good Wife", I hope you catch the reference.) Yes, using this service is for women who appreciate fashion and it does not make us shallow or materialistic. It makes us self aware rockstars. I wanted to mention this because when I started this membership I doubted the monthly financial payment and the whole idea of "renting clothes". I'm renting these clothes, but I don't own them. They are used. ( Sidenote: Oftentimes, I receive new items with the tags still on)

It's a bit like owning a house or renting an apartment. I don't want to feel bad for renting an apartment and not owning a home. Times have changed. Flexibility, adaptability, and cost efficiency are the factors I consider when I make life decisions... and fashion, let's be real, is a yyuuuuuuugge influence on my quality of life so I thought :  

"Do what makes the most financial sense for YOU."

Or as my wise, fashionable, successful, super boss-friend Julie would say, " You do you, girl."

Moving on...

At the beginning, the subscription allowed 3 items on rotation. I would choose some casual blouses for work, maybe a dress for the weekend/work and a fun summer top. Starting the subscription in the summer was ideal. There were so many opportunities to play with different dresses for nights out and I finally felt like I was meeting my fashion needs. During this time, a friend of mine, who is also suffering from FOD, also signed up for RTR. Our conversations primarily revolved around our newest RTR deliveries....they still do. I'm sharing this post because "Rent the Runway" helps me manage my FOD. I no longer shop for clothes because I have an unlimited closet at my disposal.

Try it out. 

If you're interested in getting a piece of this service, you have many options. The option that most women are familiar with, are the 4 or 8 day rentals. These are one time rentals primarily used for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, bridal showers etc. You can take advantage of this service if you have an upcoming event and don't feel like spending $300-500 on a gown/dress you will wear once this year. BUT... I think it's more cost efficient to just get the monthly subscription for $89/month for 4 pieces. You also get 20% off your first month. Many dresses are rented out for about $100 a piece so consider that when signing up, 

In a nutshell...
Pay as you rent
  • 4 or 8 days
RTR Update
  • $89/month 
  • Four rentals per month
RTR Unlimited ( Cha Ching- That's the one I have)
  • 159/month
  • Unlimited rentals per month
  • Keep as long as you want
Some perks

1. Easy returns- They provide you with a prepaid shipping label so you can just drop of your items at a UPS drop off ..easy peasy lemon squeezy
2. Dry cleaning and rental insurance is provided. Got a stain on a dress? No worries, just return it hassle free. 
3. If you live in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Topanga, or D.C you can drop of your items there and IMMEDIATELY pick up something from the store. Keep in mind, the store has limited inventory so you may not find exactly what you are looking for. 
4. If you fall in love with an item you rented, you can BUY IT at a discount price!


See By Chloe Navy Parsia Dress $420
RTR Unlimited $0

Corlina Ankle Strap Sandal VINCE CAMUTO $99.95

Bow Crazy. This is one is perfect for work or play.
Drop off your items at the store and either choose items at the store or pick something online for delivery. If you drop off your clothes at UPS it may take 2 days for the item to be checked into the warehouse and another 2 days for the new items you chose to be delivered to you. To save time, drop off the clothes at the store. 

To show you some examples of the dresses I recently chose, I collaborated with my friend Justyna, who has, what I would call, creative finesse with photography. We had a great time exploring my neighborhood and laughing at my unsuccessful attempt at being a model. Who knew it would be hard to represent the clothes in an attractive manner and move naturally at the same time?

Love the details on this little number
Shoshanna Lace Vina Dress @ Anthropologie $418 RTR $0 with Unlimited


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