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Knack Pack Review

Hello !

It's been almost a whole year since my last confession...*I mean post*. I do apologize to my "fans" but my laziness got the best of me. A LOT has happened this year.

-Turned 31
-Got married
-Became a homeowner
- and let down many people with my lack of blogging skills

I am back in action, and only because I received a killer backpack from Knackbags and was conveniently asked to review it. I thought....WHY NOT?! It's the only way I can ever become what I've been dreaming of....



Here I am sporting this large expandable backpack. In the background, you'll see my dog Pebbles chilling on the couch. This is me on my way to an overnight work trip. As you can see I packed EVERYTHING IN THERE. My makeup, clothes for the next day, my laptop, and other essentials. This was PERFECT for an overnight trip.

The next photo shows me at the airport coming home from an overnight trip from Virginia. Thank you, Court for catching this candid moment.

Here you will see that my bag looks MASSIVE. You may also notice that I'm looking at a man struggling with his backpack..Looks like he should look into Knack bags and look less foolish. 

Overall the bag is WONDERFUL for an overnight work trip. I must say that because I received the LARGE, it did feel like it was weighing me over. It separates the items inside the bag in an efficient way and has a spot for your laptop, notebook, and other items. The feature that functions well for travel is the expandable portion for clothes. If the backpack is filled fully, it still fits in the overhead compartment in the plane.
Every day
Right when I received the bag, I began using it for my commute to work, but noticed that the amount of space it had, and the large size wasn’t necessary. Maybe if I tried the medium sized bag, I would be able to use it for work. In my opinion, the number of pockets and holders inside and around the bag is quite beneficial but not needed for daily use. Maybe because the size of the bag felt overwhelming to me, I’m not able to use it for work. Since my husband is taller and bigger, he may be able to take advantage of this bag.

This bag is essential as a carry on for a vacation or trip. I am VERY excited to bring it to our next international trip to Chile. It will be perfect for a hike in Patagonia and some overnight trips in South America.

Overall, I think the bag is useful, but I wouldn’t pay $195 for it.

1 suggestion
·         I love the fact that these are unisex, but it would be nice to have more options of colors, material, and sizes. I would prefer a more fashionable bag, made of leather for example.

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